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YtongMultipor External insulation of facades

Xella Mini Guide on External façade poses Multipor, mineral insulated lightweight cellular concrete kind.

YTONGMultipor: the insulation system and coating for exterior facades

The facades of the houses are often subjected to the test by being exposed to the vagaries of climate. Much of our homes day in addition to decades ago and facades of these homes are often less well insulated compared to what is desirable on the basis of current requirements.

The solution: façade insulation using insulation panels YTONGMultipor XELLA of minerals. They are able to withstand the elements and provide heat loss through the walls reduced to almost zero.

Heat loss through the walls is a major cause of unnecessary energy consumption. Especially in winter when we lose a lot of heat. Conversely, in summer, insufficiently insulated facades lead to high internal temperatures and thus the need to use cooling techniques.

In terms of sustainable development, this is not a desirable situation. With YTONGMultipor mineral insulation panels Xella, the thermal resistance of a front and therefore the comfort of the dwelling are thus considerably improved.

YTONGMultipor coated with a coating, is without problems as an insulating layer on an existing exterior.

Thus, the facade is not only isolated but also boasts a brand new durable appearance.

YTONGMultipor benefits:

- High thermal insulation
- Optimal resistance to fire
- Shock isolation system
- aesthetics
- Lets water vapor
- Reduced thermal stresses
- No thermal bridges
- Preventing the emergence of algae and mold
- sustainability
- Easy to implement

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