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YtongMultipor in interior wall insulation

Xella's Mini Guide on the use in interior insulation of Multipor, a lightweight cellular concrete type mineral insulation.

YTONGMultipor: effective insulation of facades from the inside

Belgium has some four million dwellings, many of which date back several decades and would require renovation in order to meet current standards. The facades of these dwellings are often less well insulated compared to what is desirable on the basis of current requirements. The result: excessive energy consumption in winter and excessively high indoor temperatures in summer resulting in a need to resort to cooling techniques - both situations not representing prime examples of sustainable development. The solution: the insulation of facades with YTONGMultipor mineral insulating panels.

When renovating, it is often assumed that the facades of the house should be changed as little as possible. In some cases, this is even a requirement in order to preserve the facade, for example when the building is classified.

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Insulation from the outside is also sometimes impossible due to the limits of the adjoining property.

For YTONGMultipor, all this does not pose any problem: the insulating panels are particularly suitable as an insulating layer for the interior of exterior facades both in the context of large projects and for small jobs.

Thermal insulation and therefore comfort are considerably improved.

This aspect is discussed in more detail in this brochure.

Application fields

YTONGMultipor mineral insulating panels are suitable for multiple applications in different areas of execution.

In the context of the insulation of facades from the inside, the possible applications are in particular:
- renovation of existing homes,
- the renovation of historical monuments,
- the renovation of utility buildings such as schools, care establishments, religious buildings and social institutions,
- the renovation of office buildings.

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