Download: Water Vapor Pump Technology for Heating by CSTC

The water vapor pump technology
back in France

Authors: Victoria Bogdanova, Joel Moreau and Rémi Guillet

(Paper written in 2014, June)

7 2014 June, the first water vapor pump cycle of the new generation ICCS Publicly Was Inaugurated in Goussainville, France. Its heating power of 2 MW answers the needs of heating and hot water of the Entire residence of 293 Households. This water vapor pump est le premier to reach Such a high temperature air combustion: 60 ° C (140 ° F °).

ICCS is a french company member of the GDF Suez Group. Since 2012, the WVP (water vapor pump) cycle is again Among the Priorities of ICCS, an eco-responsible company Proposing more and more sustainable and green solutions to heating ict customers in industrial and district heating. After a broad development of the cycle in WVP heating plants During the 1980s and 1990s, this ICCS WVP relaunching Brings again to icts customers a reference facility in terms of fuel saving and environment protection, Especially in case of natural gas heating plant.

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If the water vapor pump (WVP) concept has-been invented in France in 1978 and Quickly
reconnu by universities and spa industry as a really advanced concept to save fossil fuels and to protect the environment, the economy approach HAS Often the limited diffusion of the WVP Because cycle of a pay-back time Often
regarded as long (about five years) ... In Spite Of That, the WVP cycle has-been
commercialized in France and in Europe with a special heating boilers development we live in Canada and more Recently we boilers in USA.


To know more about this technology ane Remi Guillet work (in French and English): wet combustion analysis

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  1. The "water vapor pump" cycle was installed by CIEC at the Le Bourget thermal power plant for COP 21 (See info on the CIEC website or on the ENGIE website)

  2. Comments of the author (writing the 01 / 06 / 16)

    1- A "Water vapor pump cycle" (in French "pump cycle steam") induces a de facto form of wet combustion. Thus the interested reader kindly charge the thesis "The wet combustion and performance."

    2- After many articles and other documents often mentioned in the forum ad hoc site, the reader can also access a recently updated summary by typing directly "combustion and water, efficiency, pollution".

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