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Live, prosper, consume…! A creaking analysis of changing consumer behavior. Released the 28 June on Arte.

In modern consumer society, new and beautiful are no longer enough: you have to own (sometimes in several copies) the latest and most efficient products. Purchases are no longer intended to meet basic needs, but to satisfy our desires, to be envied, to impress. Consequence: the happiness that the acquisition of a new object provides is always more ephemeral; we are in the grip of a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. In addition, the lifespan of products is constantly decreasing, leading to the depletion of resources and the accumulation of waste. Behind the attitude of these bulimic buyers is a real disaster scenario. Is it too late to stop the machine we have started? Sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, marketing and advertising specialists come back to the limits of consumerism and our frantic search for happiness.

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