Download: Transforming an engine AC generator

How to turn a small engine generator?

This document helps to understand how it is possible to easily convert different types of engines into generators for small renewable energy applications at home.

Transform an automotive alternator for a wind turbine
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3 comments on “Download: Transform a motor into an AC generator”

  1. Hello I just found your article that is about ten years old and is very interesting.
    Not being an electricity lover there is a calculation that I did not understand. (V3.UI = V3.400.2.8 = 1938VA). If you could explain it to me more clearly if it is not too late because I would like to make myself a small all-electric generator and; the plans of your first wind turbine if you do not mind.
    Thank you in advance.
    Mr Michel SELINGANT

    1. Hello Michel, almost 2 years late.

      This is the formula for calculating apparent power, which we use to size the power of electrical equipment, the unit of which is the Volt Ampere (VA).

      The formula is S = V3 x U x I

      By V3 it is necessary to understand “root of 3” since we speak in three-phase therefore 1,732
      With a voltage U = 400 and an intensity I = 2,8

      1,732 * 400 * 2,8 = 1939 VA

      1. Hello, I am contemplating your very interesting work, but I come up against one of your calculations for the values ​​of capacitors.
        Indeed reactive power = root of 1939 X 1938 - 1454 X1454 = 1231 VAR?
        indeed by following the mathematical priorities: (√1938 X 1938) - (1454 X 1454) we are very far from your result, can you deepen, hoping that you will receive my message.
        good to you guys

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