Download: Solar Tours Vortex aérogénératrice: operating principle

The towers aérogénératrices (or vortex towers) belong to the family of solar towers whose first project was developed here forty years by the French engineer Henri Egard Nazare, pioneer in the field.

Compared to Nazare project and all those who followed him, the aérogénératrices laps however bring significant innovations, both by the number of natural forces and effects used, the diversity of sources of calories considered by many details structure, the device characteristics greenhouses and calories storage system and ultimately by the very superior performance to what can be expected competing projects. These towers are the subject of a patent decision in thirty countries by their two designers: the university researcher Alain Coustou (Lecturer at the University of Bordeaux, a specialist in energy, climate and sustainable development ) and computer scientist Paul Alary (Director collection of the Eons online editions).

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