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Are renewable energies, yes or no, able to replace coal, oil, nuclear energy?

Rotational flow wirling systems are currently the only power generation units comparable in power to modern power plants.

The question is whether these solar towers can achieve performance
announced. If this were the case, the human species could, without penalizing its future, abandon conventional polluting and expensive techniques. What we call today the aerothermal or vortex plants (Atmospheric Vortex Engine), whose principle is based on the domestication of ascending vortices or minicyclones, must be distinguished from
single solar flow upwind systems that have been talked about a lot (the Australian 1000 m project in particular), but whose output is much lower, and the profitability, doubtful. (See conclusions of the report of the University of Stuttgart on the tests of the solar chimney of 200 m high in Manzanares in Spain).

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