Download: Solar thermal IPESol: spherical solar collectors

Solar collectors for semi-spherical hot water IPESol

spherical solar sensor

Dome-shaped sensors that do not require south tilt.

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  1. The idea of ​​the bubble collector is good ... but we must not forget that solar energy is calculated per square meter.
    I built a pyramid shape as model, offering the same benefits in terms of production. If the yield is roughly 1,7 of the exposed surface, remains far from the performance of two panels 2m2. So I came back to classical, more effective if it is equipped with a monitoring system.
    To conclude, this is the best approach, and do not forget to promote the DHW tank in the house and not outside as dystemes thermosyphon.
    With 8m2 and monitoring, in addition to 300l ECS, we can preheat a house 150m2 from March to October

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