Download: The Solar for Dummies, T1

Solar photovoltaics in France for Dummies, Volume 1

booklet on the operation of solar PV in France.

For those who do not understand that the sun was not French SUPPORTED (well in the sense that we want you to believe)

"When you want to kill his dog is said to have rabies," the sun of France is not a sick dog, much less hazardous to health. Since July 2010 in a smear campaign that bears no name, rehashing our government who will listen that "the sun is responsible for the increase in the energy bill of the French".

So by dint of hearing reporters say "the solar life crisis in France since the state no longer subsidizes the purchase of energy" or people say that solar is subsidized and that if it breaks the mouth c is normal that the solar players are all speculators. Y'en me in a simple way, with simple words and graphics, do you see that you smoke you do well.

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Solar for Dummies

- Is the photovoltaic sustainable and profitable?
- Solar photovoltaic: is an ecological and economic scam?
- Forum solar photovoltaic

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