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Solar station management of a solar system to drain also called solar drainback

Technical Overview of the solar plant PAW DrainBloc for solar systems to drain.

Why a solar system to drain?

In a good irradiation sensors quickly heat up the storage tank. But when the heat is not required, for example during the holidays, the sensors can not transmit heat to the already hot storage tank.

The overheating installation and solar fluid vaporizes. The pressure forces the hot solar fluid in the pipes. This state is called stagnation and even if it is not a serious incident, the high temperatures and pressures are critical and undesirable.

The solar fluid vaporizing in the sensors can suffer.

In conventional solar plants steam is even pushed into the solar station and the expansion tank. The gaskets and diaphragms are negatively affected by heat which accelerates the aging of components and reduces the life of the installation.

The DrainBloC offer a great solution: autovidant sensor field. As the installation is not completely filled with the heat transfer fluid, the sensor automatically as soon as the vacuum pump is switched off. The heat transfer fluid is collected in the integrated tank DrainBloC. Since there is more heat transfer fluid in the hot collector field, steam and pressure are not formed. In this system stagnation is simply not possible, an expansion tank is not necessary.

As soon as the pump is turned back on, the sensor is filled with the heat transfer fluid from the reservoir and the heat can be transported to the storage tank.

Main advantages of a solar system to drain:

- No stagnation
- No risk of frost
- Totally environmentally compatible heat transfer fluid [water]
- Improved heat transport
- Improved heat transfer
- Optimal heat storage capacity

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