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Is global warming of human origin?

This summary document, made by an individual, contains 75 pages. He questions this assertion by analyzing numerous curves and scientific data.

global warming

Introduction by the author.

This presentation comes from a personal experience. In the autumn 2007, following a conversation held on a forum of astronomy, where the role of the Sun in the climate was evoked, I decided to dig the reality of anthropogenic global warming, to which like many people, I really believed.

After much research, many exchanges with connoisseurs of the subject, I discovered that the scientific consensus did not exist in this field, and that the theory of global warming of human origin was very questionable.

The global temperature of our planet has warmed, roughly since the end of the nineteenth century. The official IPCC figure is + 0,74 ° C between 1906 and 2005. It is a fact, with measurement errors, but it is not a new fact, because the climate has often changed in the history of our planet. We are told every day in the media that this is the result of the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 from human industry.

In this presentation, I try to show the scientific reasons that according to the many skeptical climatologists, do not stick with this thesis.

I do it without animosity because I do not believe in a conspiracy or a system of deliberate disinformation in this matter.

I believe that among those who announce catastrophes, many - not all - are sincere, but that they are mistaken.

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