The fourth industrial revolution toward energy independence (Arte Thema)

The fourth revolution: towards energy autonomy

Documentary by Carl-A. Fechner (Germany, 2010, 1h22mn)

Exceeding the pessimistic warnings on climate change, this documentary shows that solutions are possible to switch to renewable energies in the thirty years to come. In various regions of the planet, the film goes out to meet people who, in various ways, take concrete actions to make possible the abandonment of fossil fuels and the nuclear energy and the transition to renewable energies. For example, a contractor explains how to design an office building that costs only two euros per year per square meter of energy expenditure. Electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, biogas turbines, these techniques already have practical and effective applications. And the problems of storage or exchange of energy will be better and better solved, say experts like Hermann Scheer, German deputy, Nobel alternative 1999 and author among others of "energy autonomy" (Actes Sud, 2007) .

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Anxious to give a voice to the director of this film - which has the most admissions in Germany in 2010 in the documentary category - also received the opinion of Fatih Birol, chief economist at the Agency international energy, headquartered in Paris. For him, the proponents of renewable energy are naive. By their words, though most show that they are well aware of the issues other than ecological their projects and know that the opposition of large international energy groups will be fierce. More than ever, it is clear that the "fourth revolution" is political will and will not do that if we really want it.

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