Download: Pulsating 20 and 40, pulsating gas boiler

Datasheet presenting Auer's pulsation pulsation boilers

How it works?

The innovation of the Pulsatory boiler introduces a real technological revolution in the world of gas boilers.

More economical, environmentally friendly, easier to use and installation, this boiler pulse combustion opens a new era in control of the domestic and tertiary energy.

Pulsating combustion

The principle is the following: Instead of an open burner, there is provided a combustion chamber which opens on a spiral tube array. This specially designed shape allows optimum heat exchange with the fluid.
The air-gas mixture is introduced into the combustion chamber triggering a microwave combustion. combustion of the gases escape through the tube bundle of the exchanger creating a depression which again results in the arrival of the air-gas mixture. And the cycle begins again. To infinity.

In the heat exchanger tubes, the gas stream ahead of jerks. After each combustion, it advances then fell slightly on cooling to advance again, driven by the following flue gas. Instead of a laminar flow, the Pulsating generates a turbulent flow, guaranteeing excellent heat exchange.

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Since there 115 micro-combustions per second and the gas transfer their calories in 18 tubes, are more of 2 000 per second exchange of cells for 20 pulsating (4 000 36 cells into tubes for 40) which transmit heating fluid substantially all of the energy of the gas.

The high performance of the exchange is confirmed by residual gas temperature at the exit, they are less than 50 ° C. They will be evacuated through a simple PVC pipe.

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