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Control the excitation power of a wind turbine

Laboratory of Materials and Renewable Energies, University Abu Bakr BELKAID. Tlemcen, Algeria.

Keywords - Control, automation, electrical, wind power, wind, hybrid system speed networks.

Summary - It is (becoming) more interesting to use renewable energy sources such as wind, oceans and the sun for electrical energy. In our case we want to increase the power of extracting a aergénérateur of 1500 watt during changes in wind speed, and according to the dynamic behavior of the system, which is in our case, a hybrid system. For this we offer two operational methods:

First method: keeping operation of the distribution of wind speeds at a constant value in the case of an isolated system.

Second method: System synchronization operation connects to a network.

In our case, the simulation shows that the
isolated system is more effective than low-power system because the system isolates output power will be adequate so we have proposed a wind generator control strategy.

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