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Study plans and realization of a solar water pump (or other heat source): the Fluidyne

François Lanzetta, Julien Boucher, Philippe Nika. FEMTO-ST Institute, UMR CNRS 6174, CREST Department. Technology Park, Avenue Jean Moulin 2, 90000 Belfort


The Fluidyne type water pump is a thermal energy conversion machine low temperature by external heat (solar, waste, etc.) related to Stirling machines. Although its thermal efficiency is relatively low, this type of machine can be used as an inexpensive irrigation using very simple technology with a minimum of moving parts. We present a theoretical study and experimental results regarding Fluidyne pump.

thermodynamic solar pumping fluydine

There are many technologies using solar energy for pumping water.

These systems have been developed to overcome the problems of availability of electricity or fossil energy in some disadvantaged or remote areas. There are two major families of solar water pumps, one using direct conversion of solar energy, the other using thermodynamic cycles. The first converts solar energy into electricity to power conventional pumps. The second family uses solar energy to power the heat source of the thermodynamic system.

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Among those using a thermodynamic cycle, there are two groups, conventional and non-conventional. Conventional pumps use solar energy coupled with traditional pumps (often circulating pumps), which implies the presence of another power even in low power. Unconventional pumps use only solar power to pump water, the system can operate in complete autarky. Unconventional pumps known for some years a success increasingly important compared to conventional pumps. Thanks to their low cost of equipment, maintenance, ease of assembly and the lack of moving parts (with the exception of a few valves). These non-conventional pumps are distinguished Fluidyne the pump.

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