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Fleet and greenhouse effect Act on the fleet to reduce the greenhouse effect. Cahiers du CLIP: Club of Prospective Engineering Energy and Environment.


The study that we present in this issue of CLIP notebooks is the result of the work of eight research teams, the LET of the Louis Lumière Lyon University, the LATTS - ENPC, the IEPE-CNRS, the CERTOP of the University of Toulouse II, CREDEN of the University of Montpellier, ENTPE, CIRED and INESTENE.

These teams have been grouped together for several years in a "coordinated research action" of the Ecodev program, the ARC "Ecodiff" Diffusion of energy management.

With the support of the Ecodev program of the CNRS, the ADEME and the Ministry of the Environment, this ARC has set itself the goal of studying the conditions
institutional, economic, financial, fiscal, regulatory, etc.
policies of selective diffusion of technical progress for the benefit of sustainable development.

After two studies which were the subject of number 7 of the CLIP notebooks ('lighting in France') and of number 11 of the CLIP notebooks 'Domestic cold', we present to you today the main results of the study "Acting on the fleet to reduce the greenhouse effect", the choice of which is obviously guided by the rapidly growing importance of the automobile in the transport of people, its impact on the puncture of fossil raw materials, and its consequences in terms of local and global environment.

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The diversity of approaches and points of view of the disciplines engaged on this theme makes the richness of this collective work intended to provide elements of reflection and concrete tools for action, to the various decision-makers, both institutional and energy producers. , car manufacturers, or consumers.

As in previous studies, the collective signature of this text clearly indicates that it is a matter of joint work and recommendations, where everyone assumes
part of the collective responsibility.

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