Download: Solar inverter SMA SunnyBoy LT, assembly instructions

Installation instructions for SMA Sunny Boy inverters 3000LT, 4000LT and 5000LT

The SMA inverters of the LT series are the most modern SMA photovoltaic inverters.


SMA offers your customers a solution for maximum utilization of photovoltaic energy: The new Sunny Boy 3000TL from SMA is ideal for rooftop installations up to three kilowatts. However, its perfectly matched power is not its only advantage: the Sunny Boy 3000TL indeed belongs to the new generation of solar inverters, just like the Sunny Boy 4000TL and 5000TL models. These inverters combine advanced technology with unmatched ease of use. What are the advantages of this
inverter for installers? It facilitates the sizing of installations and reduces their installation time. In addition, their customers benefit from optimal solar energy production and higher yields, regardless of the power of the rooftop installations (three, six or nine kilowatts).

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