Download: Air Motor MDI study of Mines of Paris

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Analyzes and scientific assessments on the engine air MDI by J. Benouali, D. Clodic of the Ecole des Mines de Paris, July 2003.

noon Air Car


The concept of CAT MDI is based on different ideas:
- A compressed air motor
- A reversible motor that can be used as an air compressor (braking)
- An urban light vehicle
- Manufacture of small-scale vehicle (micro plants) to reduce the cost of delivery

This study is based on figures provided by MDI. The current design of the MDI engine called 34p01-4 3 is a design in the air expansion stage with 2 intermediate heat exchanger to heat the air between 2 triggers.

- Another study from the School of Mines on the air car.
- air motor, finally figures

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