Download: Hydraulic Micro, small hydropower turbine

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JLAKit, the small hydro turbine of rural communities


Presentation of a hydraulic turbine type BANKI / CROSS-FLOW whose particularity lies in its design. It is a hydraulic machine made in kit. The components are supplied to be assembled in a mechanically equipped workshop.

CODEART offers 3 different solutions adapted to the equipment available:
1. Full turbine, galvanized and ready for installation
2. The supply of the mounted and balanced rotor and the rest of the machine is supplied in spare parts.
3. The supply of the entire turbine in parts.

Ing. KYALUMBA Jacques, IGlg
Ing. TREINEN Samuel, IGlg

May 2008

With the technical support of Mr Jean-Luc Willot, Director Director of JLA & Co sprl and the support of Mr Jacques de Mévius, director of CODEART asbl

Study co-financed thanks to the support of the DGDC
(General Directorate for Development Cooperation)

- The website of the CODEART
- Make a micro turbine impeller with recovery

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Micro hydro, a small hydro-turbine


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