Download: Manifesto for the healthy development of biofuels

ValBiom, as a biofuel facilitator in the Walloon region has published a manifesto for biofuels following the various attacks against them.

This document responds objectively and scientifically to these critics.


Biofuels are the subject of intense controversy, sometimes very demagogic. By using concrete arguments and as much as possible with figures, ValBiom wishes to draw attention to the merits of a biofuel development policy and of the measures that can be devised to limit the possible negative effects.


- Introduction
- Energy diversification in transport
- CO2 balance
- Biofuels and deforestation
- Agricultural environmental impact
- Influence on agricultural prices
- Agriculture potential
- Socio-economic impact
- Rational use of energy

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Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Manifesto for the healthy development of biofuels

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