Download: Logatop the oil burner blue flame Buderus

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Logatop optimized technique of blue flame: the adaptable burner Logatop BE-A with modern technology the oil burner.

A blue flame burner allows significant reductions of emissions and prevents soiling of your boiler (and fireplace). It allows the boiler to keep its plant performance over the years.

The adaptable oil burner Logatop BE-A with the optimized technology Buderus blue flame burner.

buderus logatop, fuel blue flame burner

As a compact burner, the burner has logatop indeed the perfect choice for a simple and economic modernization of your oil burner. It is adaptable to virtually any cast iron boilers and steel on the market in a power 17 70 beach kW. His concept of patented combustion allows a particularly economical operation
energy and virtually soot.

More: modification of conventional oil burner blue flame burner: method and results.

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