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An anthology of false good ideas in the transport sector

The FNAUT (National Federation of Associations of Transport Users) fights against misconceptions - for example car parks in the city center, mega-truck, floating TIPP - but also false good ideas.

It is obviously favorable to innovation. But many technical or political innovations, far from being the universal miracle solutions praised by their promoters, are only gadgets or have only very narrow niches of relevance. They generate sterile debates, waste of time and waste of public money, or entertain illusions and divert
attention to real questions and substantive solutions.

Meanwhile, what good ideas, based on common sense and the experience acquired from our European neighbors, who remain badly exploited or even unexploited in France!

1 example: the Segway, a bulky gadget
Example 2: the "tramway on tires", a useless invention
Example 3: the "urban cable car", a very narrow niche
Example 4: the climb through the front door of the buses, or the user at the service of the operator
5 example: total free transport, social tariffs is more effective

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Example 6: the electric car, no car is "urban"
7 example: biofuels, an unfavorable carbon footprint
Example 8: the self-service car, an incentive to use the car

Example 9: the inexpensive house promotes urban sprawl
10 example: PTZ, a perverse aid
11 example: ten Ecopolis, an idea of ​​technocrats

Example 12: TGV stations "exurbanized", a persistent error
Example 13: full electrification of the rail network, a dogmatic idea
14 example: the removal of level crossings, a very limited solution
Example 15: the abandonment of high-speed lines, a brief idea
16 example: the LGV Atlantique Alps, a dream
17 example: the coach may replace the train, an incomplete analysis
18 example: develop provincial airports, with no effect on the Paris airports

19 example: R-Shift-R, a factory for gas ‡ piggyback
20 example: wide-gauge canals, rail Available for Less

Conclusion: caution justified by experience

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False good ideas FNAUT
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