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Renewable energy sources (RES) and definition of renewable energy.

This document is a very good synthesis and base to see the renewable energy.

renewable energy sources (RES)
RES are flows of energy. They are constantly replenished and thus their
valuation does not limit their future use.
This is mainly the energy of the sun and its derivatives: wind,
movement of water (rivers, ocean currents, tides, waves), biomass,
and the heat energy of the Earth.

Renewable energy (RE)
All technologies that transform SER into useful energy (electricity, heat,
work, lighting, cold, ...) are called "Renewable Energies".
This is, for example, wind for wind turbines central
for hydropower rivers, solar water heaters and systems
PV for the sun, heating equipment in wood,
biogas and biofuel for biomass energy.

Substances of plant or animal origin.
The biomass used for energy comes mainly from wood and
its derivatives, energy crops, of biodegradable organic waste.

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Professor: Michel Huart ir

Faculty of Applied Sciences at ULB
Academic year 2005 / 2006

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