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These rich people who make ecology: are they hypocrites, surf on a fashion or are they really sincere in their convictions?

What is an eco-Tartuffe and who are they?

"[...] Dear Nicolas Hulot, I urge you to withdraw from the political ecology to which you have done more harm in a year than all the productivist forces, right and left, since the 1970 years, when the ecology has entered politics.

Of course, you are above all the product of the forces that manipulate you: E. Leclerc, L'Oréal, Bouygues, TF1 and more broadly the multinationals that finance you, but also the right neoliberal Nicolas Sarkozy.

It is not your person that we want but the ideological offensive of which you are the Trojan horse the most successful. You almost perfectly embody the capacity of neoliberalism to digest its contestation and confuse those who resist it. You are all the more effective when you seem totally unaware of it. The ideology of which you are the vector leads to depoliticize the ecological stake and the reflection on productivism. It suggests that the consumer society or neoliberalism is compatible with the preservation of the planet. [...] »

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