Download: Wood pellets, general

Wood pellets, a powerful fuel. by SwissEnergy, Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE.

Warm yourself comfortably with wood.

Six advantages

• Fuel produced from sawdust and chips
• Alternative to gas and oil heaters
• Automatic lounge and floor stoves
• Central heating for residential and industrial buildings
• Thermal power adjustable from 2 kW
• Ideal heating for houses Minergie

Ease of use

• Fuel delivery by tank truck
• Storage of fuel in bags or silos
• Switch on at the beginning of winter, switch off at the end
• Ideal combination with solar collectors

Three arguments speak in favor of pellet heating

• First, it is usable everywhere and is as practical as an oil heater. Compared to conventional log heating, it requires little work and, unlike automatic chip systems, it is also suitable for heating rooms, buildings with low energy requirements and houses "Minergie".

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• Secondly, the pellet heating system allows for the intelligent use of wood residues from sawmills. Indeed, only a part of the chips and sawdust produced is used for the production of agglomerates and paper.

• Third, wood pellets are easily portable and storable. Loading and unloading of transport vehicles is automatic. No storage for drying is necessary.

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