Download: GlassX, ultra high thermal performance glazing

A transparent thermal coating ultra high performance: the Crystal GlassX

GLASSXcrystal integrates 4 elements of the system in a single functional unit: Transparent thermal insulation - protection against excessive heat - transformation of energy - thermal collector.

A triple insulating glass structure offers excellent thermal insulation with a U value of less than 0,48 U = W / m2K.

A prismatic glass placed in the space between the panes reflects the summer sun outwards when it is at its highest, with angles of incidence greater than 40 °. On the other hand, the winter sun crosses the sun protection at its full intensity.

The central element of GLASSXcrystal is a thermal storage module which absorbs solar energy and releases it with a time lag in pleasant radiant heat. PCM (Phase Change Material) in the form of a salt hydrate is used as accumulator material. The heat build-up occurs through the melting of PCM; for cooling, the accumulated heat is released again. The salt hydrate is sealed in polycarbonate containers.

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Inside the premises, the element is closed by a safety glass with a single 6 mm pane, the arrangement of which can be changed.

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