Download. Manufacturing an automotive gas generator: manufacturing, installation and maintenance

Complete book e-book: manufacturing a gasifier, gas generators for cars: principle, installation, operation and maintenance

Book of 145 pages on gas generators for cars, trucks and other transports with internal combustion engines.

Everything you need to know about wood gasification.

More: the wood gasifier

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Gazogen in automobiles: manufacture, installation and maintenance

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2 comments on “Download. Making an automotive gasifier: manufacturing, installation and maintenance”

  1. Hello,
    Have you ever heard of the BEDINI motor, a brushless electric motor, with low consumption, making it possible to produce an over-unit electricity generator; i.e. producing more current than it consumes?
    (See documentation and videos on Google)
    There is also Guy NEGRE's compressed air motor which is interesting.

    Bonne journée.

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