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Air emissions from biomass combustion

ADEME, as part of its implementation of tasks of the state policy in the field of renewable energy development, encourages the development of biomass for energy in the domestic sector, collective and industrial, while ensuring the use of appropriate fuels and high environmental performance effective techniques.

ADEME, well aware of the level of atmospheric emissions from biomass burning, especially in the individual, supports a progressive approach to bring to market equipment and more efficient facilities, in order to correct progressively negative impacts and to reinforce the benefits of biomass in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and using renewable fuels.

The domestic sector (house) is one on which we should act first. The fleet renewal will reduce significantly emissions.

ADEME also recommends that individuals always use quality firewood (clean and dry), choose devices labeled "Green Flame", but also maintain their equipment and sweep the flues very regularly.

This article presents the reference data current and projected emissions (2010, 2020) from biomass combustion, comparisons with emissions from non-renewable energy,
presents the ADEME actions to improve knowledge and reduce emissions.

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