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Air emissions from biomass combustion

ADEME, within the framework of its missions of implementation of the State policy in the field of the development of renewable energies, encourages the development of biomass as a source of energy in the domestic, collective and industrial sector, while ensuring the use of appropriate fuels and efficient techniques with high environmental performance.

ADEME, well aware of the level of atmospheric emissions due to the combustion of biomass, especially in private homes, supports a progress approach aimed at bringing increasingly efficient equipment and installations to the market, in order to correct progressively negative impacts and to consolidate the benefit of biomass in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of renewable fuels.

The domestic sector (individual house) is the one on which action should be taken as a priority. Renewing the fleet will significantly reduce polluting emissions.

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ADEME also recommends that individuals always use quality firewood (clean and dry), to choose devices labeled "Green flame", but also to maintain their equipment and sweep the flue pipes very regularly.

This article presents the reference data current and projected emissions (2010, 2020) from biomass combustion, comparisons with emissions from non-renewable energy,
presents the ADEME actions to improve knowledge and reduce emissions.

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