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Generation of solar electricity by "solar mountains" or aeromotive plant

Solar Mountains are devices designed to create electricity via turbines activated by a stream of hot air warmed, of course, by the sun.

The principle recalled the towers aérogénératrices the difference is that there is no big work very important and heavy to implement since they use the blanks of ... mountains.

Introduction and principle

The Elioth project is a renewable energy system carried by the Iosis group. This company is one of Europe's engineering majors and technical supervision in the areas of construction. This company - whose holding is located in Paris brings together more than 1200 employees, mostly engineers.

The Elioth project is a revolutionary principle of solar power plant which was the subject of an international patent in 2005 and whose inventor is Raphaël Ménard. Elioth The project is developed by the eponymous department Iosis group. The latter is an entity dedicated group of Iosis speaker on complex construction engineering subjects.

The mountains are solar power plants whose power can reach 500 -either MW power from a central nucléaire- for a construction cost may be less than € 1 per watt installed! The project originated from the concept of solar chimney. This kind of plant was initially imagined by Günther in 1931. The engineering SBP has built in a central-1982 prototype in Manzanares, Andalusia which included a fireplace 200 meters high. A project currently under study provides a central 200 MW in Australia; this should be achieved by 2009 and would have a greater thermal print with a fireplace 1000 meters high!

Solar mountains: principle

The original idea for the project comes from a triviality: the globe provides us with support through the natural terrain, and especially through the mountains. Therefore, up to 200 meters 1000 or 3000 meters no longer represents a major technical achievement insofar led the wife of the fireplace and the relief builds steadily on the floor. Solar Mountains, it is also a revolutionary construction principle authorizing set super fast and environmentally painless work. development ideas combine this system of energy production an instrument of exploitation of the territory: why not imagine, for example, vegetable crops in the greenhouse the plant?

The innovation of Elioth project is also his modesty ... for when humanity will have an efficient and clean source of energy, solar mountains shall be removed easily, will not generate any scars on the landscape through their constructive mode and recycle easily.

Solar Mountains prototype

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