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Communication and Controversy on environmental audits, expertise in question .pdf 25 pages published in 08 / 2008.


Can we call it a manipulation of public opinion? Still, that means extraordinary pressure are in place for four years to delay the launch of first generation biofuels. The attack comes as much oil as green agriculture. The first-generation biofuels would be as harmful, if not more than gasoline and diesel oil. Moreover, this production will starve the poor. Read all
dispatches and various positions, the study of the ADEME made in November 2002 by the company Ecofan and the firm "PriceWaterhouseCoopers" is called into question.

The results according to the study from an energy point of view ·

Energy efficiency defined as the ratio of energy returned on non renewable energy sectors for ethanol production from wheat and beet is 2 to compare performance for the petrol sector of 0,87.
· The energy efficiency of ETBE channels wheat and beet is around 1 against a yield of MTBE die 0,76.
· Finally, the FAME die has a high energy efficiency close to 3, compared with the performance of diesel 0,9.

The results on the greenhouse effect

According to the study, a point of view of the balance of greenhouse gases, biofuels production sectors also have significant savings compared to fossil fuel industries.
· The impact on the greenhouse effect of the petrol sector is about 2,5 times higher than that of ethanol sectors considering the total combustion fuels hypothesis resulting in a gain of about 2,7 CO2 equivalent tonnes / tonne for the current scenario.
· The balance sheet greenhouse gas diesel sector is about 3,5 times that VOME channels, a gain of 2,5 CO2 equivalent tonnes / tonne.

The balance sheets concerning the study of current technologies also allow to find a good current positioning of sunflower chains and rapeseed (RME) compared to ethanol production chains and ETBE biofuels.

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