Download: Variable Distribution: Interests and Technology

Interests and issues of variable distribution March 2007, CNAM Paris, .pdf 45 pages

Technologies presented in the document:

- Hydraulic or electrical phase shifters (Variable Cam Phaser): example VVT-i from Lexus / Toyota.
- Variable lift and duration (Variable Valve Timing and Lift): example Honda VTEC and VTEC-i, Toyota VVTLi, Mitsubishi Mivec, Porsche Variocam plus, Audi ValveLift, BMW Valvetronic, Nissan VEL, Advanced VTEC HONDA, Fiat Uniair, Camless HVA technology and EVA (electromagnetic valves).

- Variable valve engines
- Forum engines of tomorrow
- The Camless engine

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Variable distribution: interests and technology

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