Download: removing sulphates, recover and regenerate a worn lead battery

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electronics for improved battery performance lead that were sulfated with time and / or misuseMounting published in Elektor in 2001.

Absolutely unthinkable just a little, it enables regenerative breathe new life to old lead batteries totally or partially sulfated. In addition, the project occupies as much new batteries by giving them a kind of preparation.

A recent scientific publication shows that 80% lead-acid batteries fail after a while due to sulphation. It occurs with age, following improperly programmed charge-discharge cycles or because of too long storage when they are insufficiently charged. This is what happens frequently on the motorcycle or sports car forced to "hibernate" a good part of the year.

A first solution approach, Elektor had already provided for several years with a preventive project to maintain the condition of batteries for a long period of inactivity. today we return with a new concept.

- desulfation mounting battery 12V lead or 24V
- Monitoring of recovery of a battery discharge very strong.

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Desulfate, recover and regenerate a spent battery lead


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