Download: Definition and implications of the clean car concept. Report of the Senate.

Report of the Parliamentary Office for the evaluation of Scientific and Technological choices.

The definition and implications of the clean car concept, by MM. Christian CABAL and Claude GATIGNOL, deputies.


By changing social status, that is, from a rare luxury product to a massively distributed and owned object, the automobile has become an essential part of our modern society. The driving license is the most passed and most successful exam in an age group, far ahead of the baccalaureate, without this massive success ever needing government support. Possession of the pink butterfly has become both the symbol of majority and independence, and the mandatory passport to employment.

By becoming unavoidable, the automobile has also become the subject of ideological debates. Some have been able to speak of the "automobile dependence" of our societies, characterized by a lack of alternative to car travel and a more and more irreversible modification of the urban space according to this means of transport.

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Indeed, its dissemination has reshaped spaces, decentralized cities, contributed to the specialization of spaces, generating more sudden than desired mobility. Consequently, it would be necessary to stop adapting the city to the automobile, to force the automobile to adapt to the city…

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