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Communication from the Energy Regulatory Commission of February 11, 2009 on public service charges for electricity and the unit contribution for 2009

The meeting was attended by Philippe de LADOUCETTE, President, Michel LAPEYRE, Vice-President, Maurice MÉDA, Vice-President, Jean-Paul AGHETTI, Eric DYEVRE and Emmanuel RODRIGUEZ, Commissioners.

On October 9, 2008, CRE sent its proposal to the Minister responsible for energy relating to public service charges for electricity and the unit contribution for 2009. The unit contribution (CSPE) used to cover the charges had been assessed at € 4,8 / MWh (i.e. € 0,0048 / kWh)

In the absence of an order fixing the CSPE for 2009, the CSPE for 2008 is automatically renewed for 2009, in application of the twelfth paragraph of article 5 of law n ° 2000-108 of February 10, 2000. The CSPE applicable in 2009 is therefore € 4,5 / MWh.

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Since CRE's proposal to the Minister, certain economic data involved in the calculation of the 2009 forecast expenses have evolved (lower 2009 futures market prices, lower gas sales rates, integration of the TICGN into the remuneration of gas , etc.).

By this communication, CRE publishes the assessment of public service charges
2009 forecasts taking into account these new data, which increase the amount of expenses by € 352,6 million, bringing it to € 2 million. It is on the basis of this communication that it will notify their charges to the operators concerned, in accordance with article 237,6 of decree n ° 7-2004 of January 90, 28 relating to the compensation of public service charges for electricity.

The contribution required to cover these costs is € 5,8 / MWh. This amount exceeds the ceiling set by article 5 of the law of February 10, 2000, equal to 7% of the regulated 6 kVA basic sales tariff (without subscription), ie € 5,6 / MWh currently. The gap between this contribution and the
contribution in force will result in a recovery deficit estimated at € 482 million on the basis of a forecast contribution base.

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This recovery deficit will result in a default of compensation for EDF and Electricité de Mayotte, which will be taken into account in the calculation of the forecast public service charges for 2011 of these operators and will therefore only be made up for at that date.

This document provides a better understanding of the operation of the purchase of renewable electricity by EDF and, above all, figures.

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