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Sustainable construction with Ytong, Silka and Multipor Xella: énergievores little houses, low-energy and passive

Guide very well done on energy saving in housing edited by Xella, the industrial celluaire concrete (Ytong), sand-lime blocks (Silka) and cell insulation blocks (Multipor).

.pdf 44 pages.

Introduction: building a sustainable: why, what and how?

We consume too much energy. This consumption has important implications for our climate, our environment and our wallets. That is why we must live, build or transform to ensuring energy savings. The production and burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) generate carbon dioxide releases (CO2) in the atmosphere.

These emissions are causing the warming of our earth, climate change and increasing the level of ocean waters. In addition, fossil fuels are being depleted slowly but surely. Today, oil reserves have already been used in more than 50%.

However, consuming less raw materials and energy does not mean that we should reduce our comfort to return to the standard of living of our ancestors, that 100 years. Quite the contrary. We will continue to warm us and move us, but we'll do a more qualitative manner. The house of the future will therefore not only be achieved economically (otherwise it will never be built), but it must also be thermally and acoustically isolated, being robust, durable, fireproof, ecological and healthy.

Today, low-energy buildings or neutral energy is a challenge that designers, contractors and producers have to meet.

The orientation vis-a-vis the sun, the recovery of heat from ventilation air, the use of sustainable energy sources, combined with airtight concept, high insulation values , construction free of thermal bridges and heat build construction elements are essential requirements that require a multidisciplinary approach.
Silka, Ytong and Multipor make every effort to meet this challenge. Notice that in this brochure with Silka, Ytong and Multipor, you'll not only be assured of an efficient living environment for energy, but also environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable.

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