Download: Choosing the lighting of a kitchen or bathroom

Tips for choosing the lighting in kitchens or bathrooms (lux, lumens, number of bulbs, etc.).

Publication of the lighting syndicate.

In a house, the diversity of activities deserves special attention in terms of lighting; the “visual demand” is in fact constantly modified and the available luminaires allow combinations adapted to the lifestyles, tastes and desires of users.

Lighting in the home can be designed, for the comfort and well-being of everyone, as a staging of space: give impressions of volume, create atmospheres, highlight certain objects, without forgetting the aesthetics of the lights that participate in the decoration.

The kitchen and the bathroom are two essential parts of a home: constantly evolving and beyond their functional aspect, they become convivial spaces, real living spaces where light is an essential element of comfort, enhancement but also security.

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The electrical installation of the house or its modifications are often difficult to implement: if your customer calls on an installer it is to be advised both on the important aspect of security and on that of the choice and the location of light fixtures.

It is to benefit from your know-how. You can usefully help him to determine the location of the light points, to choose the lamps to use, to play on the contrasts or to create diversified light atmospheres.

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