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Collective heating with wood chips in Lozère: a community testifies

On the occasion of the fourth edition of Forum Bois - in Marvejols, from October 3 to 5, 2008 - the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lozère wanted to interview project leaders and highlight their initiatives in favor of the wood industry.

The Cévennes Tarnon Mimente Community of Communes recently undertook the construction of four rental housing units and a workshop-relay with collective heating with wood chips. The boiler room, located in Saint Laurent de Trèves, should start working in the fall of 2008. Paul Pascual, President of the Community of Communes Tarnon Mimente, testifies to the implementation of this project which has received funding from the Languedoc Region -Roussillon, ADEME, the General Council of Lozère, Europe and the State. The wood-energy mission closely accompanied the project at each stage (information, evaluation, opportunity analysis, assistance and follow-up of the feasibility study, preparation of grant application files).

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