Download: Calculation of a primary exchanger for solar or wood stamp

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Surface calculation and length required for a copper tube heat exchanger immersed in buffer

This spreadsheet is appropriate for the calculation of sizing a water-water heat exchanger for recovery of calories in a storage volume (or solar thermal buffer tank).

This storage volume can be both heated by solar by wood (logs, pellets ...) regardless of the source ...

It can also be used to calculate the heat exchanger of a low-temperature floor by filling in the correct values.

- Cold water temperature (arrival) or output Pcs
- Hot water temperature (desired) or entry Pcs
- Buffer water temperature (thermal storage)
- Desired water flow (20 to 25L / min is sufficient)
- Pipe diameter in mm exchanger

- Power to provide
- Coil length required
- Exchanger surface

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Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Calculation of a primary exchanger for solar or wood stamp


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