Download: Biolubricants: Regulations and Standards in Europe

State of Play of the European Regulation on Biolubricants by Julie Roiz.

Example for France.

Article 44 of the law of agricultural orientation of 5 January 2006:

"In order to protect the environment from pollution by lubricants and encourage product development
biodegradable, a decree by the Council of State sets the conditions for the prohibition, from January 1, 2008, of the use, in sensitive natural areas, of substitutable lubricants for uses given by biodegradable lubricants or meeting the criteria and requirements set by Decision 2005/360 / EC of the European Commission establishing ecological criteria and
associated assessment and verification requirements for the award of the Community eco-label to lubricants. "

Conference support in the card of the 5ieme Biomass Meetings on Biolubrifiants organized by Valbiom

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