Download: Biolubricants and environment, the vegetable solution

Summary of the 5th Biomass Meetings on Biolubricants and Plant-Based Lubrication

Each year, the Biomass Meetings are an opportunity to present a topical theme in the field of biomass. ValBiom had chosen this year to take stock of biolubricants.

Active since 1997 on this theme, the association wanted to present the state of research on these bioproducts and discuss the challenges inherent in the development of this sector. These 5th Meetings organized in Gembloux (Belgium) on September 10, 2008 were therefore an opportunity to bring together many professionals from the world of biolubricants but also the different actors involved in their development (oleochemists, public and private research centers, recovery centers agroresources) as well as users. In total, more than 110 people attended the day. Besides the conferences, visitors also had the opportunity to visit the various stands of the mini trade fair which was taking place at the same time.

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Summary document of the 5ieme Biomass Meetings on Biolubricants organized by Valbiom

Learn more and download the conference materials of the day: lubrication and lubrication of vegetable origin

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Biolubricants and environment, the vegetable solution

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