Engaged and activist T-Shirts

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Show your beliefs by wearing our original Tshirts!

We have chosen to offer T-Shirts on the Econologie.com store because it is an original way to send a message to as many people as possible!

1) The history of the “Fragile Handle With Care” T-Shirts.

We designed, designed and produced the “Fragile, Handle With Care” T-Shirts between December 2005 and April 2006.

The first idea was to create a T-Shirt with a young, dynamic look that carried a strong message without being too preachy. We believe that this goal has been achieved by the logo, diversion of a transport logo, below:

Eco Tshirt

2) How to buy these T-Shirts?

All T-shirts are available for sale on the econological shop, on this page: T-shirts militants or engage

fragile earth tshirt
Example of the Fragile Handle With Care Small Logo T-Shirt

The T-shirts that you will find on Econologie.com meet to manufacturing/quality/price criteria strict.

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