The Cleanova® electric drive system has two years to convince

As part of the Research Program (PREDIT), the 100% electric Cleanova® motorization system has two years (2005-2007) to convince professionals and hope to be marketed in 2007 for companies and communities.

The transport sector is at the heart of many environmental and energy issues: air pollution, noise, greenhouse gas emissions, increase in the price of oil. This is why a lot of research is being carried out on the improvement of conventional powertrains and especially on new powertrain modes: electric, hydrogen or hybrid engines, combining several powertrain modes.

After five years of research, the Société de Vehicles Électriques (SVE) * now offers an electric motorization system called Cleanova®, an electric traction system designed to be adaptable to various types of series vehicles. This device is available in two versions: an all-electric version and a rechargeable hybrid version.

The all-electric version draws all of its energy from a battery recharged from the mains and makes it possible to drive around 200 km in the city, or around 8 hours.
The plug-in hybrid version incorporates a generator that can take over from the electric motor if necessary and thus allow the electric battery to be recharged while the vehicle is moving, thus increasing range to almost 500 km.

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