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The Pure vegetable oil sector, a clean fuel for the 21th Century! by Yves Lubraniecki


Humanity is confronted, among other things, with three perils: the greenhouse effect, the extreme poverty of certain countries and the end of oil.

It is already very late to react. However, today, the only energy sector capable of providing a common answer to these three questions remains almost unknown to the general public.

First of all, you have to understand that an engine, a reactor or a burner running on a fossil fuel like oil, gas or coal will never be clean, even though billions and billions of euros are spent on the research. If we put a fuel containing fossil carbon at the inlet, whatever we do, we will have the same amount of fossil carbon at the outlet. However, carbon dioxide (CO2) is, by volume, the most important greenhouse gas.

Then, you should know that hydrogen and electricity are not sources of energy, but simple vectors. To use them, you must first craft them. Today, they are manufactured mainly with fossil fuels, with nuclear power or large hydro.

Finally, the most modern technologies being the most expensive, they remain and will remain beyond the reach of poor countries and the differences will continue to increase.

It is our future and especially that of our children and grandchildren that is at stake. It is in our hands.


1) The finding: we are releasing into the air - in less than two centuries - a share, every day more, of the carbon that plants have fixed for 300 million years to make the three fossil fuels: coal, petroleum and gas. At the same time, the poorest countries do not have access to energy and fail to develop while reserves are worryingly and irreversibly diminishing.

2) The proposed solutions: on the one hand, apart from the following, none of the solutions proposed by world socio-economic leaders (politicians, industrialists, NGOs, etc.) is able to rapidly supplant oil which is, to a large extent , at the origin of the problem, mainly in transport, heating and industry.

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On the other hand, if we win the battle against extreme poverty and for development, we run to waste because any improvement in the standard of living leads to a corresponding increase in fossil energy consumption and therefore CO2 releases. .

Only one energy source gives positive results on all three tables: Pure vegetable oil (HVP). It is also referred to as Crude Vegetable Oil (HVB).

3) The solution presented here: using plant-based energy does not return fossil carbon to the atmosphere. We go into the annual carbon cycle because the carbon we reject was absorbed by the plant the year before to prepare the oil we are burning and will be absorbed by the plant the year before. after to prepare for the next harvest and so on.

If we replace part of the energy oil (fuel oil, gas oil, kerosene) by a vegetable oil coming from the countries which produce it today then from all the places of the world where it is possible to plant an oilseed, the world energy exchanges will be profoundly transformed and will give own resources (in both senses of the term) to countries which, today, do not have them.

4) You need 3 imperative conditions:

1ere condition; that this radical change is led by a collaboration between:

a - oil tankers because they are the most qualified in terms of fuel (in conjunction with the current producers and marketers of vegetable oil). If we do not involve them from the start, they will do everything to derail the change and will continue to mislead us with false remedies.

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b - political leaders because they have the legitimacy to impose solutions and

c - the financiers because they have the means to finance the necessary investments.

We must ensure that the people who are earning mountains of money today by destroying the planet, are earning mountains of money just now by preserving it. When there is danger in the house, good feelings no longer apply, this is called pragmatism ...

It must be understood that, even if we are shocked by the gigantic difference that exists between the fortune of a few and the extreme poverty of the majority of Earthlings, to date, nothing suggests that this will evolve in a more human meaning.

If, at least, the HVP sector makes it possible to make this detestable situation positive and to make it useful somewhere, it is better to do so than to remain in the current system which is leading us all to our doom, rich and poor alike. .

2nd condition: That the cultivation methods used for the production of oilseeds appeal to a concept of sustainable agriculture (that is, conserves resources and avoids chemicals) or, at a minimum, reasoned agriculture (chemicals are used, but only when necessary and only the amount needed).

We could also cite "integrated" agriculture which is a concept where the farm approach is global, taking into account the interactions between the different species cultivated on the farm to minimize the use of chemical inputs and increase the amount beneficial effect of the complementarity of natural processes between them.

If we do not do this, the cure will be worse than the evil because the gases released into the atmosphere by the use of chemical fertilizers are much much more potent for the greenhouse effect than CO2. It is better to stop right now and continue to die gently from oil.

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The elements to be maximally protected at a high global political level are: water, air, soil, biodiversity and landscapes as they are the most valuable natural commons for humanity.

Condition 3: That the collection and trade of oilseeds and oils be organized according to fair trade rulesotherwise, the stated goal of developing poor countries will not be achieved and the differences will only increase.

It is understood that this third condition takes priority over the first. When a company (at random) makes 8 billion euros in profit, it is after tax. If the same company makes $ XNUMX billion in profit next year, it will have to be after preservation of partners and after tax. "Fair trade" here must imperatively be regarded as a "charge to pay" before the calculation of the result. An indispensable, inescapable “charge”.

Let only one of these three very accessible conditions fail and the deal is lost.

To orient the planet permanently towards this solution, we need to start a movement of opinion today that generates enough pressure on politicians to understand that we can not wait any longer.

Do not believe anything a priori of what is written there. Check for yourself and form your own opinion. If it is not the same as mine, please let me know (ylubra @ yahoo.en without the spaces), it interests me a lot because from the discussion the light shines.

Downloading reports

b) 2009 version

Download document energy and development without a greenhouse effect.

a) 2004-2005 version

File in .pdf of 23 pages and 670 ko written by Yves Lubraniecki.

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