Sweden, the first biogas train

The first train running on biogas, a renewable energy produced from organic waste, was put into circulation on Monday ( 24th October, 2005 ) in Sweden, we learned from Svensk Biogas. "The train left on time, at 14:42 pm, and everything is going well," said Peter Undén, marketing director of the owner company, contacted on board the vehicle by AFP.

The machine, which connects the towns of Linköping, south of Stockholm and Västervik, on the Swedish east coast, about 80 kilometers away, will now make "a daily journey, but the ambition is that it will do so by two or more, ”explained Mr. Undén. Composed of a single wagon that can carry around sixty passengers, the old Fiat machine has seen its diesel engines replaced by two Volvo gas engines, Svensk Biogas explained during its inauguration last June.

It carburizes with biogas, an emanation of the decomposition of organic matter that takes place naturally or voluntarily and which, once valorized, can serve as fuel.

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As is the case with other biofuels, the combustion of biogas allows a significant reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

“It does not consume the usual fuels, but renewable energy (…) it is a very good way to acquire sustainable transport systems”, underlines Peter Undén. In addition, biogas is a material that does not depend on foreign imports. "Municipalities can ensure their own production and this creates jobs", he stressed.

Finally, it is also quieter than most other trains, according to Mr. Undén. The Marketing Director of Svensk Biogas was delighted with this first Monday, "an opportunity to show that it is something that works".

According to him, foreign countries have expressed their interest in the biogas train, including India.

Source: La Libre Belgique

Note from Rulian: Finally a country that seems to be moving. Our rulers would do well to take the seed from it. Congratulations to the Swedes.

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