The south of France in weather alert

Very heavy rains fell or were expected on Aveyron, Herault and Gard • Haunted by the memory of the floods of September 2002, which had made 24 dead, the authorities are trying to anticipate.

Faced with threatening weather in the south-east, the authorities want to avoid being overwhelmed at all costs. While very heavy rains are expected Tuesday night in the Gard and Herault, placed in "red vigilance" weather France, the authorities, haunted by the floods of September 2002 who had made 24 dead in the region, triggered a jerk off. Shortly after the announcement by Météo-France of the passage of these two departments at the highest level of alert, the Ministry of the Interior has sounded the "mobilization" by a series of precautionary measures: early school pickup, security or evacuation of campsites, limitation of traffic from 18h00. "We are in the same meteorological configuration as 2002," said a source close to the Ministry of the Interior.

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