ISO 13065 standard for bioenergy

ISO standard for sustainability criteria in bioenergy

In response to the growing international interest in bioenergy, and in the face of the lack of globally harmonized sustainability criteria, the ISO standardization organization has decided to develop an international standard on sustainability aspects related to bioenergy.

The development work will take place within a new project committee, ISO / CP 248, entitled “Sustainability criteria for bioenergy”.

This committee will bring together international technical experts and specialists in best practices in the field, to examine the social, economic and environmental aspects related to the production, supply chain and use of these bioenergy. These experts will also identify the criteria that will prevent bioenergy from being environmentally destructive or aggressive from a social point of view.

Some 29 countries are already involved in this work (including China and the United States).

The future international standard (ISO 13065) should be a key tool to help governments achieve the objectives they have set for alternative fuels, in particular by helping to avoid the creation of technical barriers to trade in bioenergy.

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The first meeting of the ISO / CP 248 project committee will take place in April 2010.


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