Sponsoring Site econology and econological boutique 4L Trophy

The econological shop and the site Econologie.com sponsor an 4L Trophy.

Indeed; for the 2010 edition of 4L Trophy, the econological shop sponsored a crew of the 4L Trophy, number 918.

This 4L is, moreover, equipped with a water injection doping to improve its performance: 15 to 20% in consumption and 50 to 60% in unburnt.

4L Trophy doped with water injection and doping

4L Trophy solar panel

The 4L Trophy ™ is an Adventure Raid reserved for students in the Moroccan desert aboard a Renault 4L. Young people in search of Adventure live a unique experience combining sporting challenge, change of scenery and solidarity.

Solidarity since the objective of the 4L Trophy ™ is also to deliver school and sports supplies to the most disadvantaged children in Morocco. Over the years, this recipe has made the 4L Trophy ™ the leading student sports and humanitarian event in Europe!

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