Be citizens pollute more!

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Further proof of the dependence of our company in oil and doublespeak policies that take their citizens for suckers.

This winter, daytime ignition test period the lights of cars on the entire territory will be held from October 30 2004 27 in March 2005, in order ... to increase the safety of users.

However, the European Commission itself has abandoned its draft directive aimed at introducing this measure at European level in January 2001 and the operation test conducted in the Landes since 1998 failed to draw conclusions about the relevance of such a project. For cons, the endangerment of the lowest users is real it. Since 1975, bikers ride with their lights on to make clearly identifiable among the other vehicles they will lose their visibility. Cyclists will be lost in the lights of debauchery. As for pedestrians, remind that it is for drivers to be vigilant and not pedestrians to hide at the approach of a vehicle! All European associations of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists have expressed oppostion to the project. But then why the French government so intent on this measure?

Because a car that has its headlights consume more. An estimated EUR 650 million the amount that will report to the state this over-consumption, via the TIPP. This spring, we learned that the French fuel consumption decreased by 1% over last year, a net loss of 1 Billion Euros for the state. He had to make up this shortfall. It had already passed the wayside measures promoting the purchase of efficient vehicles (news 23 / 07), and now we still forces us to consume and pollute more!

Decidedly, lobbies not even need to apply pressure. Our leaders are kidding when short-term reason and they are choosing oil interests rather than the challenge of change.

PS: biker friends, remember the days of action and the 18 19 September. We know your solidarity!


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