Be citizens pollute more!

Another proof of the dependence of our society on oil and the double discourse of politicians who take their fellow citizens for gogos.

This winter, a test period for daytime running lights of cars across the country will take place from October 30, 2004 to March 27, 2005, in order to… increase user safety.

However, the European Commission itself abandoned its draft directive aiming to introduce this measure at European level in January 2001 and the test operation carried out in the Landes since 1998 did not allow conclusions to be drawn on the relevance of such a project. On the other hand, endangering weaker users is very real, it is. Since 1975, bikers have been driving with their lights on to make themselves easily identifiable in the middle of other vehicles: they will lose their visibility. Cyclists will be drowned in the riot of lights. As for pedestrians, remember that it is the drivers to be vigilant and not pedestrians to hide when approaching a vehicle! All European associations of pedestrians, cyclists and bikers have expressed their opposition to the project. But then why is the French government so keen on this measure?

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Because a car with its headlights on consumes more. It is estimated that 650 million euros will be brought back to the State by this over-consumption, via the TIPP. This spring, we learned that the fuel consumption of the French had dropped by 1% over the past year, a net loss of 1 billion euros for the state. We had to make up for this shortfall. We had already passed the trap measures promoting the purchase of less greedy vehicles (news from 23/07), and now we are still forced to consume and pollute more!

Clearly, the lobbies no longer even need to put pressure. Our leaders are deluded when they think in the short term and choose oil interests rather than bet for change.

PS: biker friends, don't forget the action days on September 18 and 19. We know your solidarity!

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