Solar photovoltaic, new feed-in tariffs and conditions 2010

Solar photovoltaic, new conditions in France and Belgium!

In France, they will be long overdue! The new purchase prices for solar electricity officially fell today and should be published in the BO in the coming days.

Little change on the horizon despite what had been heard and said by the installers (undoubtedly in a hurry to boost their 2009 turnover).

Read the new redemption prices: new feed-in tariffs for solar PV electricity from 2010 in France

In Belgium, the changes announced are also “softer” than expected and the Walloon Region premium of 3500 euros is in fact replaced by an “advance on green certificates” ...

More: elimination of the Walloon Region premium for solar photovoltaic electricity

In short, little or no change. Solar photovoltaic energy remains a interesting financial investment while being an ecological act… But finance largely predominates ecology! This is obviously done to the detriment of aid for more econological solutions such as insulation. The interested reader will read carefully what econological comparison (economic and ecological) between solar thermal, solar PV and insulation.

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