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Society: is AdopteUnMec's advertising campaign sexist and feminist?

Society: are we witnessing a feminization of our Western societies? Analyzes on the AdopteUnMec marketing case

Far from me the idea of ​​passing for an odious phallocrat but, AMHA, there are limits in equity and equality which are being overcome and this with complete impunity… but especially in the indifference of the French (yes it's you I'm talking about) the most total!

I'm talking, some may have noticed it too, of the latest Adopt A Guy campaign that literally shocked me: the man really becomes a consumer product for women (the object man what ... what Ladies you have certainly suffered, so what's the point: you want revenge?), 1st shock ...

2nd shock: nobody takes offense… (I haven't seen or read any criticism in the media about this…)

3rd shocking element: this campaign was extremely massive, I would say that more than half of the billboards that I saw in Strasbourg displayed it… one can wonder where the budget comes from… (especially if it is there. 'national scale but on the Ardennes side I saw nothing ...)

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In short, here are 2 illustrative photos of this sexist campaign taken in Strasbourg on August 14, 2017.

So obviously we could argue about the humor of the advertisement, ok I accept but I am quite sure that the reverse iconography (the woman in the basket) would be attacked in all possible ways (tag, justice, media ... ) by I do not know which association of "defense of the rights" of women ... (besides the defense of what rights? Do they not have the same rights, at least purely legally speaking in France, as men for decades ?)

Which, as a reminder and the correspondence is clear, had also been the case with the cover of the artist Saez (destroyed by the media, censored…).

Photo which was however clearly ironic since it accused the consumer society (oh yes that did not have to like either…) and wanted to destroy the image of the woman object…

In the case of AdopteUnMec, we are purely in an advertising marketing message therefore commercial, it is much more serious ... in my opinion (we are logically more tolerant with artists ...)

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Hey what guys, wake up there… where will we be in 20 years?

I am only defending equality, make no mistake in reading this post and I adore women (except the pure and hard feminists whose methods equate to fascism and who believe themselves superior to men and still strengthen inequalities between men and women… bunch of nazes ^^)… but there is obviously in this campaign a degradation of the image of the man who does not indign anybody…

Moreover, one can ask the question if the AdopteUneMeuf site would have been… simply… possible? (because also attacked from all sides)

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And you? Dear Friends, what do you think? Am I completely missing the point or is it really the company that slips there?

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8 comments on “Society: Is AdopteUnMec's advertising campaign sexist and feminist?”

  1. This logo is of course designed to make people react. But the niche of this company (Adopt a guy) is not really enough to distract a civilization: a dating site like any other.

    What saddens me is to see that you take offense at the first opportunity to defend men (wake up, otherwise women will dominate us in twenty years), when there are a thousand reasons for being currently shocked by real problems of sexism towards women. I didn't realize it a few years ago, but what seemed normal to me before I “woke up” on the subject annoys me now. I wish you, and I wish all men, to have this feminist awakening as well. In short, we men still dominate society so much that I do not find it very wise to get on our high horse to defend "our" cause.

    1. Hi Gael,

      I am especially offended by the difference in treatment that it could have with a reverse image… which would not be tolerated at all! There there is a real inequality of treatment ...

      Rare are those who took offense but here is another example:

      The tone is quite frank because it is the introduction of this subject on forums, I invite you to read it because there are more developments:

      I don't think that society (at least Western) is so dominated by men that you say it: at home it is very often the woman who makes big decisions ...

  2. And here is a very concrete example from:

    Here I bring water to the ambient machismo

    In my (big) box, the boss has become fashionable by making women climb and / or by hiring them outside….

    What is called positive discrimination therefore in essence artificial.

    The majority of these new managers, totally unprepared, drooled, confusing authority and authoritarianism, harassing men and women subordinates to the misfortune of the whole edifice: the box, themselves, the men and women under their hierarchical authority.

    In short, a great mess for everyone.

    Result: after 1 then 2 failures, some were placarded, others "turned" with elegance, that is to say relocated to the competition or in the group like hot potatoes.

    On the lot well ... it's as if the normal selection had played around 20% turned out to be suitable for the positions
    Exactly as if we had suddenly made 100 guys not prepared for management climb all at once, there would have been 20% who would have gotten away with it.

    In the end, we regressed because we lost time, we caused tension, absenteeism, resentment or even hatred (I don't know if this is a characteristic of the fairer sex but I don't know a single one. subordinate women ready to forgive the harm that has been done to them in particular because the damage has ricocheted on their family circles, often sacred, and with good reason, among our ladies)

    We just apply fashions without any discernment or reflection of any kind just to do well to say that we have 50/50 women managers.

    Instead of slowly changing this percentage, we gave a big boost by doing anything to ultimately serve what primarily ??? The cause of women themselves.

    Those that have been fired are destroyed because their reputation will follow them 10%
    Those that have been placarded are destroyed (except the salary anyway) because they are well aware that they have failed. 10%
    Those who are still in position and who are unfit are morally exhausted because they have the majority of their teams back 30%
    Stay about 30% who try to manage at best without making too many waves
    And the 20% who deserved their promotion who are unanimous

    We should have promoted these 20% there
    Well train and prepare the following 30% with expected managerial takeover in about 3 years
    And select severe in the 50% by making them progress in small touches and see how it went
    Exactly as we have done so far without any gender discrimination.

    Not to mention that in order to reach the quotas we pushed some of them… who weren't really up for it, telling them that if they didn't accept their promotions, their careers would be ruined…

    In short, pure stupidity.

  3. One day I wanted to sort my waste at work. I put my plastic bottle in the yellow bin and my handkerchief in the regular bin. Then the surface technician came by, she emptied the two bins in the same plastic bag. So it's good eh, that we stop getting drunk with ecology now!

    Does what I write seem absurd to you? Yet in your workplace example you use the same type of reasoning to imply that feminism is useless.

    You know, feminism and ecology are two very similar fights. In both cases :
    - some people know the problems and fight to make a difference
    - others are not aware but it would suffice to explain to them for them to change their behavior
    - and the last refuse to face the truth and minimize the problems

    Choose your camp!

    Maybe I also need to redefine what feminism is. It is not a question of seeking to make the woman superior to the man, it is a question of aiming for equality. To make women feel as good as men in our society. This is not the case. There are countless inequalities, large and small, that most of us men are unaware of. For that you have to learn, you have to listen. Maybe you don't have the right sources of information?

    A problem is a REAL problem for the person experiencing it. Why do people who are not affected by a problem always tend to downplay it? The right reaction to have, when you are not concerned yourself, is to listen to these people and listen to them, even to try to believe them. To help them, for the bravest. The same goes for all forms of discrimination: skin color, disability, age, sexual orientation, etc.

    Contrary to the cliché often conveyed, feminism is not the business of hysterical women, thirsty for revenge or whatever. It is a fight for a more just world which concerns more than 50% of the world population. Anyone in their right mind should carry this fight, or at least sympathize with its ideas. And yet the other 50% of the population is pretending nothing. So yes, you can be a man and be a feminist. I even want to say, we have to.

    The parallel with ecologism once again takes on its full meaning: the cliché about ecologists who do not wash and live barefoot in the midst of his sheep. But you can be an environmentalist and be a city dweller. The earth would be so much better if everyone was an environmentalist.

    I doubt my message will pay off immediately. Your first instinct will be to want to defend yourself, like any person whose deep convictions are attacked. But I hope I have planted a little seed and I will let your intellectual curiosity finish the job in the months or years to come.

    PS: Regarding the French language, if things were reversed, I would end up getting tired of hearing that "Geraldine and Christophe are very beautiful". Of course, there is a more serious problem on earth, but remember: if you are not concerned by a problem, avoid minimizing it.

  4. I agree with you. But, personally, I defend respect for differences between men and women rather than complete equality. The latter is illusory except at the legal level.
    Let's put the differences between the two sexes back and make them more valuable. See how devalued a woman becoming a mother is in our society as she gives birth to new life.

    1. I also agree with you ... each sex has its strengths and drawbacks and wanting to seek perfect equality (apart from legal matters) is a utopia!

      Only I fear that some feminists (the "pure and hard") do not want equality and have no respect for the masculine ... they want to crush "the masculine" whatever the consequences with a visceral hatred that I had to hard to understand… Maybe as a “revenge” with respect to the past (a time that they personally probably never knew…) ??

      The recent example of inclusive writing is a fine example of the absurdity of perfect equality:

      We will always remain all different, all of us as well (houlalala, inclusive is painful! 😉)!

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